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VasoStam Sex Booster Review

WARNING: Watch Out For Fakes & VasoSTAM Counterfeits

VasoSTAM is the best selling male enhancement and all listings on eBay, Amazon, or ANY other website are fakes and sold by internet scammers. Only purchase VasoSTAM from the official site

1,367 Reviews - 4.8/5.0
  • Price: $29.99 – $69.95
  • Price/Serving: $0.99
  • Official Site: Buy Now
  • Guarantee: 100% Money Back
Overall Rating 98%
Effectiveness 99%
Speed of Results 100%
Ingredient Quality 98%
Long-Term Results 99%
Overall Rating 98%
Effectiveness 99%
Speed of Results 100%
Ingredient Quality 98%
Long-Term Results 99%
  • Price: $29.99 – $69.95
  • Price/Serving: $0.99
  • Official Site: Buy Now
  • Guarantee: 100% Money Back

VasoStam has become increasingly popular sex booster over the last year or so. Once we heard about it, we kept getting emails asking for us to review it. We researched the company and they boast of over 20 years of experience and turns out to be 100% true! And if you prefer to stop reading here, it’s the best sex booster formula and ingredients for increasing sex drive that we’ve ever seen. VasoStam easily beats out the competition!

We had to try it ourselves and put it to the test. Once we finished our sex pill cycle, we could see what all the hype was about which sets VasoStam apart from the other ‘sex booster’ for increasing sex drive out there.

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VasoStam Sexual Enhancement Customer Testimonials

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"Best sex in 25 years!"

For the last few years, I’ve started to gain more and more weight which led me and my wife to notice that our sex life was going down hill fast. So, I ended up doing some research and found the Vasostam website. I was finally able to get hard like I did in my 20’s. I had no idea that a simple product like this would be so STRONG. Only took a few days for it to kick in.

Jim S

"Biggest erections I've had in my life"

Wife bought me this. i thought it was a joke at first. i thought i’d take it for fun. we both started laughing because i had the biggest erection of my life lol. so, we took advantage of this great situation and had some of the best sex in years. hell yeah, i still take it whenever we are both feeling frisky.


"VasoStam saved my marriage"

Great product! I’ve been using for 3 weeks and am very happy with my purchase. I would have never imagined talking about my ED on a website… But here I am and hopefully this will make it easier for someone else to make the leap to help them with their personal and sexual lives if they’re struggling. I’m glad I bought a few months supply and so is the wife! This product has helped save my marriage.

Tom M.

"Used to be insecure about size... NOT ANYMORE!"

I’ve been taking Vasostam for a couple of months now. My entire life, I’ve felt pretty insecure. I’m taller, but I have an average size penis, so it just always looked small for my body size. But man oh man, after taking this stuff, I’ve never felt harder and happier with my equipment. I’ve tried a few products. This formula is great because I saw results in just a matter of days. SOLID PRODUCT. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting MORE.


WARNING: Watch Out For Fakes & VasoSTAM Counterfeits

VasoSTAM is the best selling male enhancement and all listings on eBay, Amazon, or ANY other website are fakes and sold by internet scammers. Only purchase VasoSTAM from the official site

What We Like About VasoStam
  • Powerful, unique ingredients not found in basic sex pill formulas
  • Ability to help DRASTICALLY increase amount of semen volume
  • Each bottle lasts a full 30 days instead of 15 like other companies
  • Contains multiple, scientifically proven ingredients with maximum, effective dosing
  • Very fast results and possibly the most potent male enhancement available
  • Boosts sexual performance and increases erection size
  • Affordable  and very safe product
What We Don't Like About VasoStam
  • Comes in a slightly large bottle, which is less convenient to store
  • Couldn’t find an ‘overnight’ shipping option on their sales site
  • Very difficult to find in stores like GNC and other physical locations
  • We’ve tried it! This S*** WORKS!
  • Take a look at the ingredients. They have added scientifically proven and patented pills for increasing sex drive and t-boosting ingredients.
  • Contains extremely fast-acting ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris. VasoStam contains a whopping 800mg and will definitely get your “blood pumping” to all the right areas.
  •  Easy to take. Only 1 serving per day (2 capsules) with or without food. Also, VasoStam lasts a full 30 days. Most guys are getting suckered into other products that are only lasting 12-15 days, max.
  • VasoStam comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. We reached out to them and asked how many people actually return the product… A whopping 0.4% of people. What does that mean? People love it, that’s what and only 1 in about 250 people return it.

What's In VasoStam That Makes It More Effective Than Other Sexual Enhancement Pills?

Pycnogenol (Pine Bark Extract)

Multiple clinical studies have confirmed that Pycnogenol was able to increase the relaxation response in the blood vessels, which allows for more blood flow to the penile chambers, allowing harder, thicker erections, and more sensitivity. ‘7’

Saffron (Crocus Sativus)

Yes, the really, really expensive cooking ingredient. The studies behind saffron are nothing short of amazing and you won’t see this ingredient in many products out there simply due to the high cost associated with it. Over 5 studies and nearly 200 different test subjects confirmed that 30mg of saffron (exact amount in VasoStam) DRASTICALLY helped with erections. Not just erections, but even stress relief comparable to actual RX products.

After only a few days of test subjects using saffron, patients saw a significant improvement in tip rigidity and tumescence as well as base rigidity. It also showed a positive effect on overall sexual function with far more erections throughout the day than without use. ‘8’

More studies of saffron confirmed that over 60% of test subjects were able to achieve erections, while the placebo only allowed showed a pathetic 7% increase. 


One of only 7 essential macrominerals, magnesium is absolutely vital for helping 100’s of enzymes function properly. The most important thing to understand what magnesium does in the case of sex boosters is that if you’re low in “T-Levels”, taking adequate doses of magnesium will start to rectify the issue almost immediately. ‘2’

Vitamin B6

It’s an essential vitamin for a reason. Vitamin b6 helps increase blood flow to sexual organs, helps maintain healthy brain and neural function, and even plays a role in the creation of dopamine and serotonin (the chemicals that make you “feel good/happy”.)

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Multiple studies have confirmed that the daily use of niacin drastically improves erectile disfunction, especially men with elevated BP or raised cholesterol levels, which is often the main reason men struggle with ED to begin with. Niacin works by increasing blood flow throughout the body to improve rigidity and girth of the penis. ‘1’


A lack of zinc in your body will 100% hinder your testosterone production and keep you from getting a decent erection. Another example of low zinc levels is depression and even insulin resistance (causes weight gain) Add these 3 together and you’ve got a recipe for disaster for your manhood. Studies have shown that for those men that struggle with lower zinc levels, when given supplementation DOUBLED their test levels and were able to get healthy erections! ‘3’

Tribulus Terrestris

Researchers found that men that experienced lower sex drives started consuming Tribulus on a daily basis experienced an increase of 79% for sexual desire. Other studies have shown that VAST improvements on overall girth and erection size was the case with daily doses of tribulus. ‘4,5’

Vitamin D3

This is an absolutely essential vitamin that all humans require. The problem is that over 70% of people in America are deficient in vitamin D3. This is a problem because D3 is very important for proper hormone production. In fact, studies show that it can have an effect of a 25% increase in t-levelsd when the proper amount is taken each day. 3,332IU is the tested amount and that’s the exact amount of D3 in every serving of VasoStam. 

Korean Red Ginseng

Used for 100’s of years in asian countries, red ginseng has been used for the improvement of heart health, boost immune system, and treat ED. Even though science was lacking a few hundred years ago, today’s research is proving that they had it right all along. The benefits of Korean Red Ginseng keep growing and growing.

Maca Root

If it’s known for anything, it’s for increasing libido. But maybe that’s not your problem. Maybe your libido is sky high, but your equipment just doesn’t want to cooperate. Well, Maca root has proven time and time again in studies to improve ED symptoms significantly as well as boosting stamina and endurance. It’s truly a god-send ingredient. ‘6’

Eurycoma Longifolia (Long Jack)

All the studies from this ingredient has scientists scratching their heads. Why? Well, it has no significant boost in testosterone, but it’s ability to give harder, longer erections can’t be argued. It’s still being studied as to how it’s such a powerful aphrodisiac.

VasoStam Side Effects: PRO's
  • Dramatic increase in erection size and quality
  • Tripled the amount of semen volume
  • Increase in T-levels and overall stamina
  • Longer erection duration and sexual ability
  • Harder erections
  • More powerful orgasms and more volume
VasoStam Side Effects: CON's
  • Higher sex drive (this is only negative if your partner can’t match your new sex drive) 
  • Might be thirstier since you will sweat more from increased sexual activity
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WARNING: Watch Out For Fakes & VasoSTAM Counterfeits

VasoSTAM is the best selling male enhancement and all listings on eBay, Amazon, or ANY other website are fakes and sold by internet scammers. Only purchase VasoSTAM from the official site

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